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Repairing Motherboard Notebook DELL, Call us 0557503724

Replacing the broken motherboard of a DELL notebook is a very expensive operation; the motherboard of a DELL notebook, even though it is used, can be very expensive or the spare component can be difficult to find.

Typically malfunctions of the DELL motherboards are due to:


  • Overheating
  • Short circuits
  • Voltage ripples
  • Video chips / discontinued components
  • Disconnected connectors or fake contacts
  • Liquid spills

 These problems occur in:

  • Dell notebook dead does not turn on
  • DELL lights up, to turn off immediately after
  • DELL the video has artifacts, strange characters, lines
  • DELL lights up the power LED, the fan turns, the screen stays black, the hd does not start
  • DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates, the screen stays black, the hd does not start and after a few seconds the power LED goes out
  • DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates and the screen stays black, the hd does not start, they hear beeps coming from inside the machine
  • DELL does not recharge while being
  • DELL the notebook only works with the battery inserted or deactivated
  • DELL LAN connection is intermittent
  • DELL peripherals and Wifi card, appears and disappears randomly

In our Repair centre in Dubai, we repair these faults typical of the DELL motherboards, replacing or repairing faulty electronic components, with a great guarantee of success, which avoids the complete replacement of the expensive DELL motherboard repair.

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How you Choose best HP Service Center in Dubai

hp laptop service center in Dubai

How you take best repair services by hp service center in Dubai

At UAE Technician we are HP partner, we have certified and professional technician in the Computer repair, which has allowed us to work successfully with HP for more than 10 years.HP enables us to provide comprehensive solutions including support for the user’s computing platform, such as workstations, notebook computers, printers and routers, to the Data Center platform, which includes servers, storage and backup units.

Call us @ 0557503724 for getting repair services from HP laptop service center Dubai:

We have the HP Install, HP Start Up and HP Care Pack services that extend the standard warranty on HP hardware repair products, providing support, installation services, and other services to protect your productivity tools.

UAE Technician Repair, HPE / HP official technical service with experience and specialized in companies of Dubai, UAE.

We offer you all of these advantages for troubleshooting HP equipment:
Direct telephone service by technical staff, with a more personal and close treatment. About 10 years of experience and over thousand number of issues resolved.

A more personalized attention and with knowledge of its technological environment, since it will always receive the assistance of the same technicians Great knowledge of the product (certified technicians in all areas) and agility in our actions.

  • Very fast response time: within some hours or the next day (depending on contract). Over 90% of HP customer surveys indicate a high degree of satisfaction.

Possibility of extending coverage with additional services: bags of preventive services hours, monitoring services, administration, global maintenance contract, etc.
Contact Us – UAE Technician
Location : F1 SYSTEMS LLC
Address: Box No. 125076,
Dubai, Emirates.
Call Us (24*7) : 0557503724
Email Us :

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Why Professional Data Recovery is Recommended Always

Why Professional Data Recovery is Recommended Always

There are plenty of times when you might need help when it comes to data recovery in Dubai, but you should call the experts. They would be able to use the latest tools and software, which might be extremely expensive, to see if they can find any of your information. Not only that, but they will know exactly where they need to look to find any of the information that might be retrievable and they would be able to let you know just what you can get back after they take a look.

Latest Software and Tools.

The experts are experienced at data recovery, which is why it is important to use their knowledge to help you find any information that might have been corrupted or even lost. Not only that, but they will have the latest tools and software that might not be possible for you to use for various reasons, such as:


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Hard to use
  • Requires coding knowledge

You should ensure that you are picking the best expert who would have access to the required tools and that knows what they are doing. If required, ask them just what they are planning to do and how they are planning to get back any of your lost information, so that you know what they are doing.

Data RecoveryExpert Knowledge in Locations

Besides having the latest tools and software in the business, the experts will also have the required knowledge to know where to look when dealing with data recovery in Dubai. There are plenty of locations where the information might be stored and they would know the best locations to check for. Not only that, but they will also be able to help you in figuring out just how much of the information is salvageable and what can’t be saved. If you are looking for someone to help you with the work, then make sure to find the best company.

Data recovery is something that everyone should take seriously, which is why hiring the experts to do the job is important. They will be able to help you using the latest tools and software, which is what UAE Technician would be able to do. They will also assist you in finding any information that can be saved and ensure that it is backed up and in a format that is readable to you and your computer.

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